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GPAC's 2017 Deakin University Theatre Season

Minnie & Liraz

Melbourne Theatre Company
By Lally Katz

The Autumn Road Retirement Village in Caulfield has a fiercely competitive bridge club, although with time and tide doing its inevitable work, no bridge partnership lasts for long. When Minnie Cohen loses her partner in an unfortunate swimming accident, the best player in the village, Liraz Weinberg, wants them to team up. They’d be unbeatable all right, but Minnie abhors Liraz and wants something in return. She has a granddaughter and Liraz has a grandson, and both are hopelessly single. Laying all her cards on the table, Minnie is bidding hearts.

As riotously funny and brilliantly original as you would expect a brainchild of Lally Katzto be, Minnie & Liraz has a misfit charm that will leave you grinning. 

Award-winning director Anne-Louise Sarks conducts a great cast in which veterans Nancye Hayes AM and Sue Jones mix with comedy darling Virginia Gay.



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Drama Theatre
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