• Local choir joins Catherine McClements in The Events
    Local choir joins Catherine McClements in The Events
    12 Jun 2018
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    An extraordinary fusion of theatre and music, The Events comes to Geelong next month as part of Geelong Performing Arts Centre’s 2018 Deakin University Theatre Season.

    This mesmerising play sees the brilliant Catherine McClements joined by a local choir of 25 singers made up of vocal group Raise the Bar (the adult section of the Geelong Youth Choir) and members of Geelong Lyric Theatre Society.

    The Events is currently touring (Geelong is the only regional Victorian venue) and the cast is joined by a different community choir at each venue.

    McClements is well-known for her television roles in Wentworth, Rush and Tangle, however she’s no stranger to the theatre, notching up credits with Belvoir, MTC, Sydney Theatre Company and Malthouse.

    Written by Scottish playwright David Greig, The Events is a co-production between Belvoir, Malthouse and State Theatre Company of South Australia. It was the sleeper hit of the 2013 Edinburgh Festival and a highlight of the 2016 Sydney Festival.

    Greig is best known in Australia for Midsumma (A Play with Songs), which visited Geelong in 2012. For The Events he turns to darker matters but with a similar focus on music.

    Claire is a minister and the director of a choir that meets regularly in a local hall. It’s made up of all sorts: the lonely, outsiders, strangers – and the privileged, the comfortable. In short, she has built a community. But when a disaffected young man enters the hall and opens fire with a semi-automatic, this community – and the ideals that formed it – are blown apart.

    The Events is set in the wake of this massacre as a dialogue unfolds between Claire and a young man. She is unpacking the Pandora’s box of herself – her rage, her fears, and ultimately some hope. The young man is something else: the voice of the alienated, an enemy within, a lost generation. He plays many roles, but in an era of Port Arthur and Martin Place they all ask the same big question: How do we live together knowing it can all come apart in a moment?

    The Events comes to Geelong for five performances in the Drama Theatre, July 11-14.


    “The Events is tight and it is edgy…the layers of the story are skilfully revealed.”  InDaily

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